• June 22, 2024

The BOOMER consortium held its third face-to-face meeting in Malaga

On 31 May 2024, the consortium in charge of implementing the project BOOMER – Booming digital literacy skills among elderly population, held its third transnational meeting in Malaga, Spain. Hosted by …

UNITY EUROPE project kicks off to support integration of young immigrants across Europe

IT Solutions for All is excited to announce the kick-off of the UNITY EUROPE project, marked by an online meeting held on April 9, 2024. UNITY EUROPE, co-funded by the European …

Launch of the ALL-IN Project Website: Advancing Language Learning for Inclusive Narratives

The launch of the digital platform of the project “ALL-IN: Advancing Language Learning for Inclusive Narratives” marks an important milestone in the promotion of inclusive communication across Europe. This project, co-funded …

European Project “OPSIZO”: OPSIZO Diversity & Inclusion in Microenterprise Development of Resources

OPSIZO Project have developed a suite of resources as part of this innovative project exploring Diversity and Inclusion in Microenterprise. OPSIZO focuses on promoting social inclusion and involving people with fewer …

Development of OPSIZO Toolkit in 5 languages

Through the Erasmus+ OPSIZO project, partners developed a Toolkit aimed at assessing the current situation in terms of Diversity and Inclusion within micro-enterprises. The Toolkit aims to provide tools that support …

The MICRO 2 Digital Erasmus +  Cooperation Partnership Project held its third transnational project meeting online in December to launch the online Open Education Resource Platform and Test and Validation Phase of the project Training Toolkit.

Post Covid, digital innovation, innovative business models, changing nature of jobs and new methods of work are all radically reshaping the way companies operate. In Rural Europe, micro-enterprises of all types, with fewer than ten employees face the greatest challenges in making the very necessary digital transition. The MICRO 2 consortium is working on the Project to support rural microenterprises embrace digital transformation by tackling digital competences and skills development. The project also aims to enhance the responsiveness and coherence of the VET system in rural areas to meet increasing demand for digital competences by upgrading service provision in line with the revised Digital and Entrepreneurship Competency Frameworks of the European Commission (Digcomp 2.2, Entrecomp).

Based on extensive transnational research, the consortium over the last year has developed a Training Toolkit specifically targeted at the Digital Entrepreneurship needs of the European rural micro enterprise. Modules include, Cybersecurity and Data Management, Digital Marketing and E-Business, Leading and Managing Digital Change and Hybrid Work Teams. An extensive range of real- world accompanying resources such as operational cases and good practices are included. The Training Toolkit has been developed to serve both independent and guided learning.  

The Toolbox is available online  in 3 languages at https://digitalmicro2.eu/ . This Open Education Resources

(OER) Platform is the main showcase of project’s results and its largest and most tangible channel for international visibility. All content is completely available for free, without requiring any kind of registration/identification by the user.

Testing and Validation is a crucial phase of the project in order to fine tune the training offering. In the following months, partners will meet at least 60 learners from the target group across Europe to test the training material embedded in the MICRO 2 Digital OER Platform to collect feedback about usability, relevance to their needs and delivery means. Feedback from the wider public is also very welcome through the embedded survey on the platform.

For further information about the MICRO2 Project please visit https://digitalmicro2.eu/



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