• July 16, 2024

In this section EuProjectsNews would provide basic and useful tips on how to communicate and disseminate your Erasmus+ projects deliverables and milestones on social media. Below you will find tips on the appropriate tone to use, style, when to post and the EU disclaimer.


Remember that it is very useful to follow the Institutional EU social media to stay connected to Europe and build your networking.







  • KISS Style: Keep it Short and Simpla (always short, clear and catchy contents)
  • Limit the number of technical words that only experts are likely to understand
  • Use visual aids in your tweets as much as possible and tag relevant handles
  • Convey emotions with your posts
  • Publish content in other languages, to reach local communities.
  • Schedule regular posts regarding your project theme or related themes. It will be a regular appointment with your followers.



Use appropriate, inoffensive language (this is how you will get responses and stimulate debate).


When Posting

You can share your information and news (using pictures, (live) videos, short messages, key quotes, etc.) at the exact moment they are taking place such as projects breakthrough, events, conferences etc. During the event: live-tweet with interesting pictures, tag/mention people, promote the relevant hashtag and ask participants to join the conversation. Tweet related content, scientific studies, published papers, web content, always including your hashtag. After the event: during the days following the event, monitor your impact and keep tweeting relevant content with your own hashtag (if any).


Acknowledging EU funding

All communication related to the project (including social media) must accomplish with the Erasmus+ Requirements and must share the EU project logo and EU disclaimer.


By clicking on each social network you will discover its features and the best way to exploit it for dissemination purposes.


The flag and the disclaimer in all EU languages are available in the European Commission official website: