• July 16, 2024

EuProjectsNews is a website designed by Internet Web Solutions with the mission of increasing awareness on the European Union and giving visibility to European Projects co-founded by the European Commission.


Internet Web Solutions is a web programming, translation services and strategic google positioning company based in Málaga, Spain. IWS is the IT partner of many Erasmus+ projects and provides its support on a wide array of areas and topics ranging from digital empowerment, youth entrepreneurship, cultural promotion of UNESCO heritage site, social inclusion, female entrepreneurship and so on in consortium with partners from all over Europe and beyond.


EuProjectsNews gives visibility and to all milestones and deliverables of EU projects and launches events and publishes relevant press releases also of other EU projects at request of interested parties.

EuProjectsNews functions also as a networking platform among practitioners and experts from Universities, NGOs, public sector, associations and companies.


EuProjectsNews is an open window over Europe through continuous monitoring of European Institution activities in order to act as a link between people and the quartier européen of Bruxelles.