• April 19, 2024

The ALL-IN consortium has successfully held its kick-off meeting

On 14 March, the ALL-IN consortium successfully held the kick-off meeting of the project, in which partners from Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium and France participated. The meeting was led by IT …

Collection of 30 good ecological practices

The last 2 months have been a period when all EURECA Project partners have been preparingdescriptions of good practices of environmental activities in the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland,Portugal and Spain. Examples …

Official launch and first steps of the Eureca project.

A partner group from Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal and Italy started the project ‘EURECA – European URban ECology Academy’ in the framework of the Erasmus+ adult education programme at …

CARE: The consortium joined the Closing Meeting of the CARE project

On February 2nd, 2024, the consortium joined the Closing Meeting of CARE, a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, which brings together seven partners from four countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium). …

OFF LINE How to quit with Social Media

After two years of implementation, the OFFLINE How to quit with Social Media Erasmus+ project came to an official conclusion. Partners gathered together on 19 January, 2024 in Lecce (IT) to …

After finishing the development of the training and the GENIE board and online game all project partners are now starting to deliver the training and game in the validation activities to involve at least 150 beneficiaries until October 2023. The target group of the test & validation are microentrepreneurs, leaders of micro and small enterprises as well as their employees.

The aim of the test & validation phase within the GENIE project is to ensure the quality, reliability, and correctness of the training and the game. It is a crucial step in the development lifecycle that involves verifying that the product meets the specified requirements and performs as expected.

The primary goals of the testing and validation include:

  • Detecting defects as it helps
  • Ensuring functionality
  • Verifying reliability
  • Enhancing quality
  • Validating user expectations
  • Compliance and standards
  • Risk mitigation

Ultimately, the aim of testing and validation is to deliver a reliable, high-quality product or system that meets the needs and expectations of its users while minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with relevant standards. This is the real-operational environment testing of the results aimed at collecting feedback from users on content, delivery means, depth and relevance of the modules, user friendliness of the boardgame, functionalities of the OER Platform, etc. Users who are interested in the training and the online game can access the platform without login requirements: https://genieproject.eu/training.php?lang=EN. At completion of the course, they can use a feedback form to provide information on the user friendliness of the training course. Upon completing the training course and the quiz at the end they can also prompt the OER Platform to develop an attendance certificate.