• July 16, 2024

Start-cup Academy Project platform is now available

The Start-cup Academy official website represents a repository of the project’s outputs, results, news and contacts, and will be the OER platform for target groups to access all the resources and …

JUST successfully completes test & validation sessions for the project’s training resources

The Erasmus+ co-funded JUST project celebrates the successful completion of test and validation (T&V) sessions conducted by project partners to evaluate the effectiveness of the newly JUST multilingual training programme. This …

The BOOMER consortium held its third face-to-face meeting in Malaga

On 31 May 2024, the consortium in charge of implementing the project BOOMER – Booming digital literacy skills among elderly population, held its third transnational meeting in Malaga, Spain. Hosted by …

JUST Project releases the Green Paper: a wealth of knowledge for strengthening collaboration between SMEs and HEIs

The JUST project presents the release of its Green Paper, a comprehensive document that consolidates lessons learned and insights acquired during project implementation. The Green Paper serves as a repository of …

JUST project produced essential resources for university-SME collaboration

The Erasmus+ co-funded JUST project is excited to announce the release of the final deliverables of Project Result 2, offering a suite of practical resources designed to facilitate the creation and …

Tras un análisis exhaustivo de las necesidades de formación emergentes para la resiliencia de las microempresas en la Europa post-pandémica, los socios del proyecto ESMERALD están desarrollando contenidos de formación en diferentes áreas de interés para el funcionamiento y la continuidad de las empresas.

Las principales áreas del material de formación del proyecto ESMERALD son: (i) Marketing online / digital / ciberseguridad; (ii) Comercio electrónico, Financiación (iii) Bienestar digital.

Todos los socios del proyecto ESMERALD participan en la elaboración del contenido de la formación, que constituirá el “kit de herramientas de respuesta después del COVID19 para microempresas y PYMES” (resultado intelectual 3) del proyecto.

ESMERALD es un proyecto cofinanciado por el programa Erasmus Plus de la Comisión Europea, que reúne a siete socios de seis países (Bélgica, Croacia, Grecia, Italia, Polonia y España).

Para más información sobre el proyecto Esmerald: