• June 22, 2024

Visibility and communication are two requirements for all EU-funded projects and the EU is becoming more and more strict in making sure projects abide by its rules.

Press Release

In your Press Release always include a direct link to the project’s website www.nameoftheproject.eu and reference to Erasmus Plus programme. Please remind also to put the Erasmus+ logo and the disclaimer. The flag and the disclaimer in all EU languages are available in the European Commission official website: https://eacea.ec.europa.eu/about-eacea/visual-identity-and-logos-eacea/erasmus-visual-identity-and-logos_en

Basic rule is that the Erasmus+ logo should be in a prominent position and visible. People should be able to see it easily. 



How Often And When Should I Post?

  • Two publications a week is the recommended number to keep alive the social page.
  • Follow the 7:1 rule for posting. On an average of 7 posts indirectly linked to the project area in which you are involved you should dedicate 1 post to celebrate your project’s milestone.

When Posting A Content, Please Use:

  • Clear and short message
  • Include the name of the project in your title or at the beginning of any publication
  • Catchy content
  • Pictures to drive attention (Instagram is only for picture with a brief message). Careful with royalties and property rights, make sure that anything you publish is Creative Commons or don’t forget to quote the source
  • Build a community in your social networks creating a network of contacts sharing common interests related to project’s area and topic
  • Make your posts relevant and of interest for your community to directly drive your target’s attention