• May 27, 2024

How Can I Use it?

To share short comments, make
announcements that can instantaneously reach a large audience or retweet
relevant content. 


How Can I networking?

Building a social media community that shares the same interests and is involved in similar projects is crucial for boosting the visibility of your content and increasing the number of people who read your posts.


Users can do this by:

  • Retweeting (sharing a tweet)
  • replying to others’ tweets 
  • quote-tweeting information about your project
  • start an online discussion, e.g. by asking questions.
  • Share images and tag other Twitter accounts (up to 10), to build a relationship with your audience and make them aware (the account tagged receives a notification) of content that might interest them, in the hope that they might want to retweet it.




  • Text of only 280 characters this excludes media attachments (photos, images, videos, etc.) and quoted tweets (displaying someone else’s tweet within your own) but includes links (a URL is always altered to 23 characters).
  • Videos of 140 seconds duration
  • Uses hashtag # (descriptors).
  • Twitter brings the words all together (for example #EuProjectsNews)
  • Timing: A tweet can last up to 5 hours and 15 minutes
  • Users can use Twitter groups to cluster a group of projects on a similiar topic
  • Uses Handle  @Unique user name mainly used to identify a person or a project’s account.  It always starts with the @ symbol, followed by a name or phrase to identify the account.
  • For example, the European Commission’s Twitter handle is @EU_Commission Offical EU Twitter profile: European Commission @EU_Commission; European Parlament @Europarl_EN etc.
    It is possible to include emojis in your tweets.