• April 2, 2023

Aprobado el proyecto DREAM: Resiliencia digital para las microempresas europeas

Nos complace anunciar que el proyecto DREAM “Digital Resilience for European Microenterprises” ha sido aprobado en el marco del programa Erasmus+, en el ámbito de la Educación y Formación Profesional. DREAM …

Impulso a la formación financiera para mayores a través del proyecto FLY

El Colegio Profesional de Economistas de Málaga ha sido sede de una jornada formativa sobre educación financiera de la mano del proyecto Erasmus+ FLY (Financial Literacy for Inclusion – Educación Financiera …

Fair Food en Tesis, Canal Sur Andalucía TV

“FairFood for a Smart Life” proyecto cofinanciado por el Programa Erasmus + de la Comisión Europea y coordinado por la Universidad de Málaga ha sido objeto de un amplio reportaje en …

Evento Multiplicador organizado por Internet Web Solutions del proyecto Erasmus+ SOS CREATIVITY

IWS con su red de asociados (ONGs sin ánimo de lucro TICs y centro comunitario para mayores) organizó 5 Eventos Multiplicadores en Málaga (España) para maximizar el impacto y visibilidad del …

Internet Web Solutions participó en Bruselas en la reunión inaugural de MICRO 2

Internet Web Solutions participó en la reunión de lanzamiento de MICRO 2 – Potenciar el espíritu empresarial digital de las microempresas en las zonas rurales en un mundo pospandémico, un nuevo …

The 3rd Transnational Project Meeting was celebrated in IT Solutions for All facilities in Malaga, Spain, on May 10, 2022.

Predict is an EU co-funded project that aims to empower inclusive access of children, youth and persons with disability in disaster risk prevention. And incorporate disaster risk knowledge in formal and non-formal education by creating a novel training approach using OER and gamification.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the five institutions from three countries (North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Spain) which make up the consortium.

The main objectives of the Transnational Project Meeting were to recap and summarise all activities developed during the project implementation:

Summary of the IO’s activities:

Create a methodological framework for inclusive training of children, young and persons with disabilities.

Development and implementation of innovative and accessible OER Platform.

Creation of a mobile application

Creation of games (Gamification)

Summary of the two multiplier events celebrated and planning for the third multiplier event to be held.

Overview of the activities held during the C1 Activity (train of trainers)

Project management and implementation, financial and administrative tasks. Discussion on the final report and supporting documents to submit (financial report, management, narrative report, dissemination report).

Overview and evaluation of the Project’s overall implementation, quality of the outputs, results, communication, and collaboration among partners.

Impact of the Project, new ideas and further collaboration between partners.

The meeting was held throughout the day, and all the topics on the agenda were discussed.

All members of the consortium were delighted with the evolution and goals achieved by the Project.