• April 14, 2024

Internet Web Solutions from Malaga, Spain, together with its local associated partner Arrabal Associacion as part of the consortium involved in the Erasmus plus project Sustain it (http://www.sustainit.eu/) organised on Wednesday 23/09/2020 a Multiplier events for tourism operators, ndividual professionals, microenterprises working in any sector of the tourism value-chain such as transport, guide, accommodation, food & drink, etc. on topics related to the intellectual outputs and the project online platform.

The event was held online using Zoom platform for Covid-19 country restrictions and more than 23 participants took part in this event.

The main goal of the Multiplier Event was to present the project and provide knowledge and ICT tools that will serve to tourist operators to have access to an extensive list of software useful for sustainable tourism initiatives and at the same time learn about the advantages of each software for their business.

Participants got involved in the 3-hour event, they interacted with questions and requests for further information. The final unanimous ‘thank you’ confirmed the success of the event.

Every Wednesday Internet Web Solutions together with Arrabal will provide short and accurate weekly ‘ICT-pills’in order to provide adults, unemployed, professionists with technological snapshot to live better the Internet and that could be useful to start a business or develop creativity.

SUSTAIN IT, a European Project co-founded by the European Commission, supports the integration of digital solutions and ICT in learning, teaching and training by developing, testing and validating and finally deploying at full scale a Open Educational Resource that will allow to exploit and mainstream project results outside the realm of the partnership and in other EU realities and countries. The needs of the target groups are not ‘country-specific’ and the OER Platform in multilingual version (6 languages) will address a European issue with a European solution.