• July 12, 2024

In these months many National Agencies all over Europe are selecting projects to be funded by the European Commission for next year. Managing many and different projects could be challeging and your organization may need a software to keep everything under control (from projects deadlines, to staff members assignment, timesheet and internal submission). For that reason EUPROJECTSNEWS, beside disseminating your European Projects milestones could provide interested parties with a CRM product designed by Internet Web Solutions.  

SublimeCRM™ is a product that can help small and medium enterprises to get on top of their internal task management in the simplest, easiest, most useful and most convenient way.

With SublimeCRM™ organizations can quickly manage and control all company’s internal processes related to European Project management, from output deliverables to administrative tasks, from monthly skype call to internal submission. The product also has a well-structured document archive where you can store your deliverable files and those of your consortium partners.


It is currently available in 5 languages (Spanish, English, French, Polish and Italian) but it is programmed in such a way that if your company is international, you can have a CRM for each of the branches in one language and for the main franchise in another, for instance. It is always possible to implement the CRM in new languages if you need to; just tell us which language you want and we’ll be delighted to add it to the options already available.

 You can try our CRM completely free of charge.

Enter http://www.sublimecrm.com/crm/?euprojects and insert the word ‘euprojects‘ both in the user and password boxes.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact us: