• July 16, 2024

Internet Web Solutions from Malaga, Spain, together with its associated local partner Associacion Arrabal- AID as part of the consortium involved in the Erasmus plus project Delsa (http://www.digitaldelsa.eu/),  organised on Wednesday 28/10/2020 a new Multiplier event for digitally upskilling adults,  job-seekers, underemployed/temporarily unemployed and those who are seeking better or new opportunities through self-employment on topics related to the intellectual outputs and the project online platform.

Due to the current mobility restrictions in the countries most affected by Covid-19, the event was held online using the Zoom platform and had a very participative and dynamic audience.

The main goal of the event was to present the project and inform about the accessible and free educational resources available in five languages on the OER platform that will allow users to advance in the acquisition of digital competences and skills.

The participants got involved in the event; they were interested in the contents of the Delsa project, and participated with interesting questions and requests for additional information. They were all very satisfied with their participation in the event.

Every Wednesday Internet Web Solutions and Arrabal offer short and precise “ICT pills” to introduce participants to useful technological tools for improving employability, starting a business or developing creativity.

Delsa, a European Project co-founded by the European Commission, supports the integration of digital solutions and ICT in learning and education, by developing, testing and validating and finally deploying at full scale, an Open Educational Resource, that will allow to exploit and mainstream project results outside the realm of the partnership and in other EU realities and countries. Delsa has the objective of improving digital skills and competences of low-skilled adults to enhance their socio-economic empowerment and increase their employability. This will be achieved by developing adequate training solutions, material and online tools.