• July 16, 2024

IT Solutions For All is a non-profit NGO that seeks training in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for those people who lack the necessary knowledge to function comfortably in the technological world in which we find ourselves.


Information and communication technologies (ICT) sometimes referred to as news information and communication technologies (NICT) are a concept closely associated with computing. If the latter is understood as the set of resources, procedures and techniques used in the processing, storage and transmission of the information, this definition has been nuanced by ICTs, since, it is not enough to speak of a computer when referring to information processing. The Internet can be a part of that processing which may be carried out in a distributed and remote manner.


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We want to convey the love for new technologies and resources on the internet, and how they can improve the quality and livestyle of anyone.

IT solutions for all



To offer assessment and technology consulting services and integrated solutions in the field of information, communication and management tools to all those people who lack the necessary means to deploy a series of basic skills in the current technical environment.




At IT Solutions For All we achieve short-term sustainable impacts in the areas where we operate, with efficient resource management, active community participation and the involvement of public institutions.