• May 27, 2024


 Instagram uses hashtags # similar to Twitter

 For each post you can use up to 30 hashtags although it would be more appropriate to choose only the most relevant ones


Photos and brief text are allowed

It is possible to include emojis in your posts

Remember to share high-resolution photos and create useful and visually appealing contents that will make users to follow your profile

Instagram uses Handle  @

Handles are unique user name mainly used to identify a person or a project’s account. 

     They always starts with the @ symbol, followed by a name or phrase to identify the account.

     They are used to send a direct reply to someone, by starting your message with their handle. 

     Useful to link to someone else’s account (known as a ‘mention’) by using their handle elsewhere in your post. This will link your post to the mentioned user’s account.

·         Instagram uses  “stories”

Instagram Stories (or Ig Stories) are  photos and short videos you could insert in your profile, have a limited publication of 24 hours and could be enriched with music, stickers, GIFS and even polls.


The project’s consortium should create a or few project hashtags to group conversations related to your topic to boost your research with the right audience. Using a hashtag makes the keyword or phrase in the post searchable. It is like a label that clusters and links similar content, the same way keywords do when scientific papers are published.