• August 16, 2022

On Facebook users share thoughts, opinions, photos, videos, images, which can only be seen by people users indicate as “friends” and who can comment and respond to everything we publish.

  • Users can link your FB account to other socials like Instagram or even Youtube so you can increase your followers numbers and their likes      Facebook group: Mostly used for exchanges among members (individuals). Unlike Facebook pages, where only the page administrator can post, anybody previously approved can share content with the group.Sample EU Facebook pages:
  • · https://www.facebook.com/FET.europe
  • · https://www.facebook.com/DigitalSingleMarket
  • · https://www.facebook.com/Marie.Curie.Actions
  • Facebook page: The most convenient way to promote your project on Facebook, allowing you to post a variety of content including pictures, videos, event invitations or reports, as well as links to presentations or available multimedia material. Facebook pages have fans who like the page, not friends. A page has also the advantage to allow for several nominated users under different types of profiles (admin, editor, reviewer).
  • Teaser paragraphs must really grab the reader’s attention quickly (you only have 3 seconds)